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Posted 3 years ago

What Big Media Can Learn From the New York Public Library

While I don’t much care for the headline, or for the way that Madrigal constantly juxtaposes the library with media companies (it’s not a good comparison), this article is a fantastic exploration of what a non-profit organization is capable of.

Posted 4 years ago

Hope for the Left

Despite the fiery criticisms that I make about western society, the real underpinnings of my beliefs lie in hope and pragmatism. I refuse to give into the despair and blind rage that seem to be the hallmarks of other leftists, but I wish I could convey my confidence in a better future more easily. It’s difficult to win over people not already on the left with the blog’s current tone.

So I’d like to give people an indication of why I believe socialism offers a better future, as well as its development in our current society. Over the course of the summer, I worked at an office in the Community Food Bank of New Jersey. There I met people who were truly dedicated to bettering the lives of those less fortunate, and through their training programs they gave former criminals a second chance at life. It was nothing short of remarkable. When I buy groceries at the local co-op in New Brunswick, I see a glimpse of a new model of living in relation to each other and the environment. When I listen to New York Public Radio, I find myself amazed at how much better the radio experience becomes when profit isn’t the goal.

At the end of the day, it’s the small things that really matter.