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Posted 3 years ago

(post)Modernity and (post)Modernism

I’ve moved from slogans to infographics. 

Posted 4 years ago
The meta-narratives that postmodernists decry (Marx, Freud, and even later figures like Althusser) were much more open, nuanced, and sophisticated than the critics admit. Marx and many of the Marxists (I think of Benjamin, Thompson, Anderson, as diverse examples) have an eye for detail, fragmentation, and disjunction that is often caricatured out of existence in postmodern polemics. Marx’s account of modernization is exceedingly rich in insights into the roots of modernist as well as postmodernist senibility.
David Harvey, The Condition of Postmodernity, p. 115
Posted 4 years ago
Another analogy between modernist and sustainability ideologists is their shared belief in technology as a main tool for accomplishing societal goals. This time around, the reinstatement of technology as a liberating force comes not in the form of a shiny machine, but as a delicate organic membrane wrapped around the body of the building, a network of sensors draped over the city governing the self-regulation of its interlinked systems. The digital delirium of the twenty-first century has replaced the fetishism of the machine championed one hundred years ago.